Bali's famous Kuta Beach. Surf, Indonesia

The 7 Best Beginner Surf Spots in Bali

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into surfing, Bali is likely to be on your hit list of top coastal spots to visit for a session riding the waves. However, if you...

Bali honeymoon ideas that will make you fall in love all over again

Loving newlyweds find there is no place quite like Bali for a romantic honeymoon. Starry-eyed happy couples target this paradise island year round to secure their cherished honeymoon memories. From the wide blissful beaches of...
The ultimate guide to Bali's best spas

10 amazing Bali spas you never knew existed

Every year Bali welcomes holiday-makers seeking escape from their hectic lives, offering visitors refuge in its tranquil beaches, meditation philosophy and its seemingly endless list of impressive spa locations. No matter what you are looking...

The Bali cheap food guide: Eat like royalty on a budget

Though famed for its tranquil beaches, historic temples and the lure of its surf, Bali’s little known food offerings should be equally celebrated. Harbouring some of Indonesia’s best and most diverse gastronomic flavours, Bali’s...

Festivals of Light

Some of Asia's most traditional cultural festivals have evolved to become exhilarating modern-day celebrations of light. We take a look at a selection of shining examples from around the continent.

Southeast Asia’s Theme Parks

Exploring some of Southeast Asia's biggest amusement parks

Asia’s Animal Wonders

The Asian region has a vast diversity of animals and birds which are truly remarkable creatures. Here are a handful of wonders to start you on an animal planet voyage!

Discover the charm of Osaka

Japan is renowned for Shibuya Crossing and Mount Fuji, but travel further south on the island of Honshu, and a fusion of fashion and flavours awaits.

Malaysian cuisine

Situated at the centre of many of Southeast Asia's key trade routes, Malaysia is one of the region's true cultural melting pots - especially when it comes to cuisine.

Southeast Asian Scenic Routes

Make time to take a trip down some of Southeast Asia's most scenic routes.

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