South African Natural High

Hot Air Ballooning over the Cape Winelands

Escape to the Cape

The warmth and wellness of Cape Town spa culture

Tomb Raider Tours

Take a hot trip to see some of the diverse tombs of Egypt's ancient pharaohs.

Continent of Wonders

The immense plains of Africa offer up a lot more than a safari.

Heavenly Hues of Africa

The continent has long offered an incredible variety in wearable textiles and designs.

Marching through Mauritius

If hiking through heaven appeals to you then Mauritius is the place to go.

Island hopping in the Seychelles

Exploring Africa's varied and abundant archipelago

Beauty of the Beasts

An overland tour from Cape Town takes you to meet your genetic cousins in the mist.

Seychelles Dive Discovery

A wondrous world of underwater beauty to explore on a Scuba trip.

South African dreams

Arusha is often overlooked as the gateway to some of East Africa's most popular tourist attractions.

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