Top Adventurous Activities in Bali To Get an Adrenaline Rush

If your idea of a memorable vacation involves a host of exhilarating, pulse-racing pursuits, then the spectacular Indonesian island of Bali is the ideal destination. There’s a number of adventurous activities in Bali that...

Good fortune in Bali

Since Julia Roberts graced its mystical shores, Bali's fortunes have improved considerably.

Escaping Tokyo

Explore what lies just beyond one of the world's most exciting cities.

The Top 10 Historical Sights and Landmarks in Thailand That No One Knows About

There are some very unusual historical sights in Thailand to excite and interest visitors. To make your search easier, we have prepared a list of unknown historical spots in Thailand that will take intrepid...

Cross that Bridge

Asia bridges provide a choice of stunning side trips on a visit to the region.

A Few Days in Penang

Delicious food, stunning architecture and rich culture

A Culinary Tour of Singapore

Take a closer look at Singapore's ethnic areas: their history, their culture and their cuisine.

Must-see list of 2018 events and festivals in Thailand

Stand by for the best events and festivals in Thailand in 2018. From North to South and throughout the year there's something for everyone. Whether you are visiting with friends or looking for an...

Explore Myanmar by Train and Bus

Revel in Myanmar's untouched landscapes, jaw-dropping temples and bustling cities whilst on the move.
best beauty products to buy in thailand

10 of the best beauty products and brands to buy in Thailand in 2019

If you hadn't already heard (or seen ) Thailand is fast becoming a regular feature on many beauty blogs and lists. It is of little surprise with is quality, low-cost makeup, and skincare that...

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