Travel Guide To Munduk in 2019: Bali’s Most Romantic Experience

Off the beaten track and away from the rush of south Bali, Munduk and its surrounding area are a little gem that is well worth exploring. The views are breath-taking, the climate is cooler...
what to do in bali in february 2019

The Hottest Things to do in Bali in February 2019

Despite being a not-so-popular month for travelers heading to Bali, February is actually a fantastic time to visit the island. With a delightful average daily temperature of 27°C, Bali does see the odd overcast...

Seven Reasons why the North of Bali is Great for Adventure Travelers

From once-in-a-lifetime experiences to unforgettable adrenaline opportunities, north Bali is a playground for fearless adventure travelers. Not only is the north of Bali quieter and lesser trodden than the south, but this part of...
music festivals in bali in 2019

Hottest Music Festivals in Bali in 2019

Bali is renowned for its enviable coastline, stunning sunsets and incredible temples. Yet, often the island's diverse cultural opportunities escape people's radars. On Bali, music is big business, and every year the island plays...
luxury bath tubes in bali

The Most Instagrammable Luxury Bathtubs in Bali

From The Blonde Abroad to Salt In Our Hair, our favourite Instagram influencers have made the act of taking a bath an art form. Bali, in particular, is home to some of the world's...
artistic places in bali and boho vibes in bali

The most beautiful artistic places in Bali with boho vibes

Island Of Gods. Heaven and Hell on Earth. The Morning of the World. Bali, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, is a true paradise. Due to its magnificent landscape, amazing...
where to try craft beer in Bali

Top Spots To Enjoy Craft Beer in Bali for 2019

When picturing images of Bali, you may expect serene beaches, idyllic retreats, surfing and clear blue waters with lush green surroundings - it’s true, it has all of these, but perhaps you would be...
ubud vs seminyak - where to stay in Bali

Ubud vs. Seminyak – Where To Go In Bali

If you're wondering where to go in Bali, you're not alone. For an island of it's size, there is an almost unbelievable variety of destinations - exquisite beaches, buzzing nightclubs, dazzling culture and little-known...
events and festivals in Bali in 2019

10 Must-Visit Events and Festivals in Bali in 2019

Bali is an island of unique cultural offerings, where ancient beliefs blend with contemporary living. On Bali, life is centred around the island’s annual festivities, with many events celebrating the rich heritage of the...

Low Season in Bali: Is it Worth Going?

It might be called the rainy season but don't be dissuaded - the monsoon period is one of our favorite times to visit the Island of the Gods. There are plenty of reasons to...

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