Nature Lovers Paradise

There is no shortage of natural beauty in Taiwan but the area around Hualien offers some particularly striking nature, amongst them the Taroko Gorge.

Guide to Lampang

Forget about Chiang Mai - Lampang has twice the charm and one tenth of the tourists.

Street food: Singapore versus Hong Kong

If, once upon a time in Asia, street food was looked down upon as too pedestrian, pun intended, that time has passed.

Coffee capitals of Asia-Pacific

Whether you like your java hot and sweet or prefer it creamy and poured over ice, this expansive region is home to a selection of cities that are serving up world-class brews.

Cross that Bridge

Asia bridges provide a choice of stunning side trips on a visit to the region.
Thailan's best romantic photo spots

10 Mind-Blowing Romantic Photo Spots in Thailand

From the northern hills to the the southern beaches, from ancient structures to modern builds, there are exceptional top photos spots in Thailand. The passion will definitely spark as you capture the moment with your...

Soaking in Taiwan

Taiwan's position on the ridge of two tectonic plates means it has a unique environment with high temperature springs with crystal clear water.

5 Splash-tastic Parks in Thailand

Family fun reaches far beyond the beach in Thailand

Novelty Shopping Trips

Asia is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful gifts and souvenirs.

Scenic Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is perhaps the most underrated travel destination in southern Thailand

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