A Tale of Two Cities

French-speaking Montreal is vastly different from any other Canadian city.

Colors and sidewalk

The annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival showcases the vibrant and colorful natural attractions of the Belizean people.

Back to the source

There are certain ruins that should never be missed on a trip to Central America-one of them is Chichen Itza.

Getting your Kicks on Route 66

Travelling one of the United States' earliest and best-known cross country roads.

Three Days in Vegas

There's more to Sin City than just spinning the wheel of fortune.

Another day in paradise

1 state, 8 islands of swaying palms, Polynesian arts, pipeline surfing, and the Goddess Pele in Hawaii.

Caves of Cancun

Discover rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites that date back millions of years

Hot and Wet

Discovering Costa Rica during the rainy season and discovering hot springs at La Fortuna

Hiking the Smokies

An Appalachian centerpiece in the southeastern United States

Frida Kahlo

Behind the walls of La Casa Azul in Coyoacàn, Mexico City, lived one of Mexico's most celebrated and troubled artists.

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