The First & Only Loyalty Program For Holiday Villas In Asia


1. Book Villa - Earn Points

For every booking in any of our holiday villas, you earn 100, 150 or 200 points per USD 1,000 booking value based on your membership level. Additional points can also be earned via our instant bookable properties and repeat bookings.

2. Manage your points

Our points management is flexible. You can use your points during your confirmed stay or accumulate and redeem them during any of your future stay within the validity of the points. Points can be redeemed against local activities or in-villa services in selected properties. You can also choose to receive your credit as an  Amazon Gift Card. Please note – when redeeming Amazon Gift Card, 10% service fee will be applied that will be subtracted from the initial credit earned.

3. Redeem your points

Our destination specialist will organise your point redemption and the experience during your holiday. If not enough points are available for the whole group to join an experience, we offer preferential rates to friends and family so everyone gets to enjoy quality time together

4. Travel and enjoy

With all details of your holiday in good hands with our Concierge, between the booking of your accommodation and the redeemed experience, you can travel with family and friends and create your own unique holiday story.

Questions? Visit Rewards Program FAQ

The Rewards Program and Experiences abide by our Terms & Conditions.


You earn points for every booking you make with Eats & Retreats and we have made sure that points value increases with the amount you spend. In addition, as you move to the next tiers, you will receive more exclusive benefits.

up to USD 10,000 booking value

Get 100 points per US$1000 booking
  • Personal concierge
  • Exclusive offers & promotions
  • In-villa benefits

from USD 10,001 to 20,000 booking value

Get 150 points per US$1000 booking
  • Best villas Coffee table book
  • Choice of welcome amenities
  • Sneak peak at new properties before launch
  • Exclusive offers & promotions
  • Personal concierge
  • Exclusive offers & promotions
  • In-villa benefit

from USD 20,001 booking value

Get 200 points per US$1000 booking
  • USD250 back for every USD 20000
  • Early check-in, late check-out
  • Free airport lounge pass
  • Best villas coffee table book
  • Advanced notification of offers & promotions
  • Personal concierge
  • Exclusive offers & promotions
  • In-villa benefits
USD 250 for every booking over $20,000 (3)
Early check-in/late check-out (3)
Free airport lounge pass (1)
Complimentary "Best Villas" coffee table book
Exclusive member offers and promotions
Personal Unique Retreats concierge
Advanced notification on special offers 5 days 10 days 15 days
Sneak peek at new properties before launch
Choice of welcome amenity (3)
Free continental breakfast (3)
Monthly electronic newsletters
Earn points per booking value (3) 100 per USD 1000 150 per USD 1000 200 per USD 1000
Points validity 12 months 15 months 18 months
Refer a friend, both receive USD50 (2)
Extra Points for instant confirmation 50 75 100
Extra Points for new bookings confirmation (5) 50 75 100
Complete membership profile 100 100 100
(1) Available in most international airports (see terms and conditions).
(2) For every increment of USD 4,000 booking value, the member and the friend will receive a USD 50 Amazon Gift Card.
(3) Please refer to each property description on our website for eligibility.
(4) Release 2019
(5) New booking confirmation before the expiry date of the last point.


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