Iconic Itineraries

Southeast Asia offers something for even the most discerning travellers but some itineraries have become almost iconic due to their unique route, mode of travel or natural beauty.

Discover the charm of Osaka

Japan is renowned for Shibuya Crossing and Mount Fuji, but travel further south on the island of Honshu, and a fusion of fashion and flavours awaits.

Tantalising Taipei

Taipei is a mix of all the good things in life.

Festivals of Light

Some of Asia's most traditional cultural festivals have evolved to become exhilarating modern-day celebrations of light. We take a look at a selection of shining examples from around the continent.

Cuisine and Cookery Classes in Southeast Asia

Wow your friends by learning to create some of vibrant, exotic, delicious Asian meals

Time for the Roosters to Crow

As the Chinese New Year celebrations approach the excitement is mounting for all the Chinese communities spread throughout Asia.

Heavenly Hues of Africa

The continent has long offered an incredible variety in wearable textiles and designs.

Wild life in British Columbia

In search of killer whales and sea lions at sea - on land the legendary grizzly bear

Escape to the Cape

The warmth and wellness of Cape Town spa culture

National costumes of Asia

Having the opportunity to attend a festival or ceremony in Asia will give you an insight into local dress and traditions and provide a rich spectacle of colour and textures.

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