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Artistic Impressions

Artistic Impressions

The world presented through the eyes of art and design

Whether ancient architecture, contemporary paintings or local crafts, art adds depth and dimension to any travel experience. Browse the global gallery, described in detail by travellers who appreciate the world through artists' eyes.

Nature Lovers Paradise

There is no shortage of natural beauty in Taiwan but the area around Hualien offers some particularly striking nature, amongst them the Taroko Gorge.

Crafty Koh Kret

The island of Koh Kret in the middle of Bangkok's Chao Phraya river is a mecca for handicrafts and sweets.

Towering Heights of the Far East

While the Middle East boasts several of the world's tallest buildings, East Asia is also home to an impressive selection of skyscrapers for visitors to marvel at as they reach for the sky.

Novelty Shopping Trips

Asia is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful gifts and souvenirs.

Cinematic Travel in Asia

Asian film festivals are held year-round and well worth attending.

Two days in Rio

Travel to the rhythm of the samba in Brazil

A Few Days in Penang

Delicious food, stunning architecture and rich culture

A Tale of Three Cities

A fusion of style, romance and ancient culture makes urban Italy unique.

Bali Yoga Retreats

The Island of the Gods has become a haven for yoga enthusiasts from all over the world.

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