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Artistic Impressions

Artistic Impressions

The world presented through the eyes of art and design

Whether ancient architecture, contemporary paintings or local crafts, art adds depth and dimension to any travel experience. Browse the global gallery, described in detail by travellers who appreciate the world through artists' eyes.

Sights of Sin City

Las Vegas has become known as a kind of Disneyland for adults.

History of New York

The Big Apple is full of big culture to explore and enjoy

Heavenly Hues of Africa

The continent has long offered an incredible variety in wearable textiles and designs.

Aloha from Hawaii

A musical discovery from the ghost of Elvis to the haunting melodies of hula kahiko

Head for the hills

4 picturesque villages in the Alpes-Maritimes department, southeastern France

Romantic St Paul De Vence

In St Paul de Vence art and history come alive in the Chapelle du Rosaire.

Frida Kahlo

Behind the walls of La Casa Azul in Coyoacàn, Mexico City, lived one of Mexico's most celebrated and troubled artists.

Bricks and Mortar

Buildings in Italy provide a tangible expression of otherwise abstract themes of history, art movements, and religion.

Gaudi designs

Architectural observations might not be considered a standard holiday activity, but in Barcelona, one artist makes it hard to resist.

Colors and sidewalk

The annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival showcases the vibrant and colorful natural attractions of the Belizean people.

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