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Nothing beats a good story, especially a real life adventure and when you're planning a trip it's always nice to know what to expect. Our contributors travel to their own beat and tell it how it is.

Must-see list of 2018 events and festivals in Thailand

Stand by for the best events and festivals in Thailand in 2018. From North to South and throughout the year there's something for everyone. Whether you are visiting with friends or looking for an...

Use This Cheatsheet to Travel Bali Luxuriously on a Budget

Sublime beaches, glorious waterfalls, and lush jungle scenery are just a few of Bali’s natural gems – and a large part of why visitors flock to the Island of the Gods every year. Thanks...

Top 10 Uniquely Themed Restaurants in Thailand for an Unforgettable Food Experience

Looking for unique restaurants in Thailand is a pleasant vacation challenge. Take a little time to research and you are unlikely to be disappointed because Thailand has plenty of unusual dining spots. From great...

Asia’s Animal Wonders

The Asian region has a vast diversity of animals and birds which are truly remarkable creatures. Here are a handful of wonders to start you on an animal planet voyage!

National costumes of Asia

Having the opportunity to attend a festival or ceremony in Asia will give you an insight into local dress and traditions and provide a rich spectacle of colour and textures.

Guide to Lampang

Forget about Chiang Mai - Lampang has twice the charm and one tenth of the tourists.

Cross that Bridge

Asia bridges provide a choice of stunning side trips on a visit to the region.

5 Splash-tastic Parks in Thailand

Family fun reaches far beyond the beach in Thailand

Glamping in Southeast Asia

Explore some of India, Thailand and Indonesia's unlikely luxurious accommodations

The mighty waterfalls of Asia

Come face to face with the colossal power of nature by visiting one of Asia's most impressive watery torrents.

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