Crazy Travel Technology That Will Revolutionize The World

Traveling is not always easy and if you've ever packed your bags and hit the road, you'll understand how being abroad can often come hand-in-hand with difficulties. From language barriers to getting lost in...
travel influencer interview

Travel As a Way Of Life: Interview With Klaudia Shabani From @onlyfortravel

Klaudia Shabani is one of the most prominent rising stars on Instagram, who has been inspiring thousands of people to travel the world and do impossible for the last few years.  She is exploring...
cartoon park for kids opnes in bali

Huge Cartoon Network theme park set to open in Bali

Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in an animation from a Cartoon Network? Well, soon you'll be able to do just that, thanks to a brand new theme park opening up in the...
is it safe to travel to Bali now after the earthquake

Is it Safe to Travel to Bali now? Lombok Earthquake aftermath

Indonesia is renowned for its breathtaking mountainous landscape, sitting on an aptly named ‘Ring of Fire’, a group of fault lines and volcanoes inside the Pacific Basin. It is the country’s enthralling volcanic scenery...

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