Top 5 Vacation Books To Read in 2018

No matter if you like light reading when travelling, or prefer to stick to more serious literature – choosing what to read on a vacation is always an important decision to make. Having a good book will make your holiday moments even more enjoyable and relaxing… Just imagine yourself immersed in a mind-blowing story of your book while sunbathing in front of the pool in your holiday villa in Bali, Thailand, or Sri Lanka…Doesn’t it sound absolutely thrilling?

To make this decision easier for you, we have picked up the top 5 books of different genres to read on your vacation in 2018!

Seven days for an eternity

by Marc Levy

This book has it all – reflections about the creation of the universe, fantasy, romance, and simply an interesting and easy to read storyline. Thus, it is one of the top vacation books to read in 2018.

What’s special: an unusual plot that shows how the Good and Evil … can fall in love with each other!

The Scapegoat

by Daphne du Maurier

Two men with absolutely different fates, yet identical appearance meet to live the craziest experience they could ever imagine. Although the idea might not seem new, the way events occur in this book will make you lose touch with reality until the moment you read the very last page. Doesn’t this make it a perfect vacation book to read in 2018?

What’s special about it: this book does make you think and reflect, while the storyline is really absorbing. In addition, the background description of the places, nature and people makes you feel the unique ambience of the book with your skin.

The Peacock Emporium

by Jojo Moyes

This book shows us that you can always change your life, and surrounds the reader with the cosy atmosphere of the Peacock Emporium Store that sells everything from jewellery to decor items and is hidden in a small and very traditional English town.

What’s special about it: this book is very emotional and talks a lot about people and their personal problems, and is rather targeted at the female readers

Dandelion Wine & Farewell Summer

by Ray Bradbury

The famous Dandelion Wine (1957), and its sequel Farewell Summer (2006) both deserve to become your vacation books in 2018, 2019, or any year after – they are truly iconic and the unique, warm atmosphere of these stories will make you smile all the time.

What’s special about it: summer thematics, positive vibes. Well, these books are simply a must-read for everyone!

The Empire of Angles

by Bernard Werber

“The Empire of Angles”, coming after “The Thanatonauts” by Bernard Werber, reveals an essentially new point of view on how we understand the reality and the universe. This book might feel weird, and unusual, but it is surely impressive and catching!

What’s special about it: An interesting personal story, described in this book, and a strong character are mixed with deep thoughts of the author and his noteworthy perception of our world.