Asian villa weddings

Will take your special day from merely entertaining to absolutely extravagant!

Will take your special day from merely entertaining to absolutely extravagant!

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We all want our wedding to be the most memorable and romantic day of our lives.

No matter how lovely the arrangements might be, some couples are simply not happy with a typical wedding. They would rather explore alternative, more unique options.

Which Exotic Locations Work Best?

For an amazing Asian villa wedding (and honeymoon, too) we’ve chosen a few hot spots and added some tips on attractions in each location.

Bali, Indonesia

Long stretches of beach, dense forests, exotic wildlife and naturally attractive backdrops like beautiful lakes, caves and terraces all make Bali the wedding destination of your dreams. With gorgeous rice terraces and exquisite terrain, the island’s breathtaking scenery compliments the serene scene you enjoy within the walls of your own villa. Many visitors revel in the traditional dances of the Balinese, which are an inherent part of Bali culture. Each dance depicts a story of cultural and historic significance, adding to the cultural appeal and offering a special addition to any wedding ceremony.


A rich combination of cultures, Malaysia offers a unique twist on far eastern beauty with all the modern advantages and luxuries of the western world. The island of Langkawi, with its miles of coastline and turquoise waters is the ideal location for a destination wedding. Charter planes will take you to remote areas within and off the coast of Langkawi, where there is as much privacy as there are amenities and five-star resorts. Floating in the Andaman Sea, the island is the ideal place to hold your private villa wedding with its world class seafood and other attractions. There are plenty of things to do, from jungle hiking to snorkeling, visiting a world-class historic mosque or bird watching at a park that features 2500+ birds in over 250 exotic species. You can also visit art galleries, quaint shopping bazaars and much more.


Thailand is known for its incredible landscape, world class cuisine, luxurious spas and romantic natural attractions like waterfalls and pristine beaches. Koh Samui, one of the most popular vacation spots in Thailand, is also a favourite wedding destination for several reasons. With a host of attractions that suit many tastes, all within reasonable distance, you can tailor a trip that will serve large groups of guests or individuals alike. Some famous hotspots include the Big Buddha temple, the Angthong National Marine Park and cruises to offshore islands.

The Maldives

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, these two idyllic locations for sun, surf and sand splendor are also known to be some of the world’s best places to wed and enjoy a honeymoon.

In The Maldives a backdrop of flawless white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that run deep, add a romantic air second to none. Whether you swing on a hammock under swaying palm trees, go diving in the ocean or lose yourself in the many world class spas, you and your guests will feel relaxed from the moment you arrive. You can arrange surfing or sailing excursions, or travel to one of the inhabited islands for a glimpse of Maldivians’ rural life.

Sri Lanka

The rich cultural heritage in Sri Lanka makes this destination a very colorful journey of lush landscapes. A choice of beaches with spectacular sunsets make for dream wedding venues, while shopping paradises with thousands of yards of colorful silks offer alternative wedding outfits. The traditional fabric used in saris is worn by all the women of Sri Lanka. As part of the trip, you can visit elephant orphanages, tour temples for a glimpse of ancient historical cultures and enjoy an eclectic mix of South Indian and Asian cuisine.


Holding your wedding in an exclusive Japanese villa will not only be unique, it will be among the most memorable experiences you and your guests will ever experience. Nestled among hills around the main cities, the Japanese landscape and architecture alone offer a breathtaking backdrop when you exchange vows in a private villa. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and exquisite gardens, a wedding in Japan will include the finest and most exotic of flowers, food and flair. Attractions include World Heritage sites, tours to Mount Fuji, attending a Japanese Tea Ceremony and visiting one of the many temples.

Happy Choosing

When it comes to your wedding, why not join the ranks of those couples who have foregone the traditional set-up and choose something that will have your guests talking about for years? After all, there won’t be too many opportunities for this special day and you want to remember it forever. So, break out of the box and become extraordinary with your exclusive, Asian villa-style private wedding.

Below are some tips that will help you see why combining a dream vacation wedding in a private, exotic villa may be the perfect choice for you.

  • Private villas offer the ultimate level of exclusivity.  The privacy you and your guests enjoy will be second to none.
  • Some villas come with your own, personal slice of the beach and ocean, designated wholly and solely to your wedding party.
  • Complete full-service amenities will make you and your cherished guests feel extra special.
  • Unlimited entertainment to suit all types of tastes is within easy distance.
  • Your wedding is a vacation. Enjoy spas, beach, sun, sand, warm weather and fine cuisine.
  • Flexibility to choose a Western or traditional ceremony, even an eclectic mixture of both.
  • You won’t have to go too far to enjoy a heavenly honeymoon.
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