Bali honeymoon ideas that will make you fall in love all over again

Loving newlyweds find there is no place quite like Bali for a romantic honeymoon. Starry-eyed happy couples target this paradise island year round to secure their cherished honeymoon memories.

From the wide blissful beaches of Seminyak to the lush rice terraces of Ubud, and the black sands and dolphin filled seas of Lovina beach to the hidden coves of the Bukit and the titanic slopes of Mount Agung, Bali is an idyllic destination full of adventure and discovery for newlyweds.

Honeymoon couples will never be short of the opportunity to try a new experience as things to do on Bali are varied and numerous. We have selected a few honeymoon favourites to help you plan your Bali honeymoon.

Get Wet

It goes without saying that on a faraway island surrounded by beautiful waters, honeymoon couples should make a beeline to the sea. Bali and the smaller offshore islands are blessed with some magical marine life that will stay with you forever. So take your honeymoon happiness out to sea and soak up some world class experiences where you can stay out of trouble, but get yourselves into deep water!

Dolphins at Lovina

A honeymoon in Bali that will make you fall in love all over again
Dolphins at Lovina Beach

A sure fire bet for a memorable honeymooner’s moment is Lovina beach and its famed dolphin sightings. There is nothing quite like a blissful warm morning bobbing about gently off Bali’s northern coast and watching the dolphin pods play mischievously in the calm waters.

The best time to see the dolphins is early morning when numerous local fishing boats will vie for the best spots for close up views of friendly pods breaching and playing. Local government introduced regulatory dolphin welfare restrictions to stop over enthusiastic boat captains from rash behaviour chasing down dolphin pods so nothing should spoil the experience of seeing these wild dolphins frolic in their natural environment.

Honeymooners’ Tips:

  • The best time of the year for dolphin watching conditions is between May and January. Avoid February to April as winds are stronger creating rougher seas for both the fishermen and the dolphins.

Go Wreck Diving and Scuba with Sunfish

USA Liberty wreck dive

Top of the Bali list is Tulamben, high on the east coast and in the shadow of Mount Agung. Just a few short steps from the beach is the sunken USA Liberty wreck – a wonderful dive site with amazing accessibility. So grab your partner’s hand and take your honeymoon romance off into the Balinese surf with the many dive options available; a drift dive, a 40 meter drop-off, a great coral garden and how about Shark point for a really special honeymoon gift to your partner! There is also diving at Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, two land masses just to the south of Bali and reached without difficulty on day trips. The chance to see the amazing Mola Mola [or Sunfish] sliding gently by is a true honeymoon highlight and if that isn’t enough then head for Manta Point to watch the sublime mantas glide past. Pure bliss!

sun fish

Go Free Diving

If you are looking for an extra special dive feeling then we recommend a trip to Amed for probably a more serene but no less exciting submariner’s adventure. Free Diving is a very different kind of dive activity and while physically and mentally challenging, the experience on mind, body and soul is beyond exhilarating. One day entry level courses are available as are higher level two and three day courses. Safety is paramount, and a sense of mindfulness is principal in the free-diving philosophy so why not spend time in the yoga and meditation classes that will help with those underwater breath techniques.

Honeymooners Tips:

  • For reliable Free Diving schools in Amed see and
  • Best time for spotting a giant Mola Mola is between July and November. The best time to visit Tulamben is March to July and October to November
  • Grab a cold beer at Segara Tegah, a local hillside restaurant with great views at sunset.

Get Green

Take the honeymoon trail away from the coastline of Bali and discover a legendary world of green hills, waterfalls and incredible layered rice terraces.

Tegalalang terraces

Just a short drive from central Ubud takes you to the stunning twisting, stepped hillside collage that is Tegalalang. The amazing engineering of the natural landscape has produced a wonderfully elaborate and breath-taking piece of natural architecture. The main road skirts the terraces and gives you an ideal location to shoot a few photos of this timeless landscape.  Head down the steps towards the bottom of the terraces for an essential ‘rice trek’ through the terraces and amongst the locals. The proximity to Ubud can make Tegalalang a busy focal point but the views are splendid and well enjoyed by all who make a stop.

Useful tip

  • When asked for a donation, to help maintain the paths and bridges, a fee of of U$0.50c to U$1 is sufficient per person.

The Jatiluwih Terraces

Located slightly further north of Ubud, superbly picturesque and romantic ,these vibrant green expanses are just otherworldly. The lush views on approach to Bali’s largest area of rice paddies are definitely uplifting and once you begin a walk among the fields you’ll feel the scale of just how impressive the work involved in crafting these great hills has been. Like Tegalalang, the irrigation system is based on ‘Subak’ an old Balinese traditional of mutual sharing and harmony with nature. You can easily spend a whole day here with opportunities to lunch or dine at one of the hillside warungs [local cafes] that offer up awe-inspiring views. Evenings are just sublime as fireflies begin a captivating dance and the sounds of nature take hold.

A honeymoon in Bali that will make you fall in love all over again
Jatiluwih Terraces

Honeymooners Tips:

  • Check out all the craft shops on the road to Tegalalang – ideal for picking up a great honeymoon souvenir
  • February to April is the time to see the rice plants growing resplendently tall and green in Jatiliwuh
  • Tegallalang is a twenty minute drive north of Ubud. Jatiluwih is around a 45 minute drive from Ubud

Gitgit Waterfall

Slipping into crystal waters to cool off is just what sizzling honeymooners might well need after a few nights in Bali. After a short trek on a blazing hot day there aren’t many better feelings to be had than to see a forty meter waterfall with two streams booming into a natural plunge pool. Best seen at the end of rainy season, GitGit is a great to visit if you are heading to or from Lovina.

Honeymooners’ Tips:

  • No guides are needed although you might be approached with an offer from a local enthusiast. Entrance fee is around U$1.
  • Gitgit is not so mighty during the dry season and so do manage expectations if coming from south Bali solely for the waterfall.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Home to hundreds of monkeys and makes for an incredibly popular attraction. The forest is of important spiritual significance to the local community as there are religious sites within the forest. Divided into five troops these monkeys are spread throughout the forest area but do come into contact when foraging and seeking water. Often naughty and with a fair amount of scandalous behaviour these cheeky monkeys are more than used to humans.

Do be aware that if you are carrying food then the monkeys won’t be afraid to defy your attempts to wave them off – they want your bananas! Take special care to keep valuables out of sight as the peskier members of the troop might take a shine to your belongings but generally the troop will keep themselves to themselves.

A honeymoon in Bali that will make you fall in love all over again
Macaque monket at Ubud monkey forest

Honeymooners’ Tips:

  • Don’t feed monkeys any peanuts, biscuits, bread or any human snacks. Bananas are a good choice.
  • See for more information.

Climb High

For active newlyweds why not try the ultimate challenge on Bali? There’s no doubt that this will be the achievement that will set you apart from any other honeymooners visiting Bali. What better way to cement your lifetime relationship than an overwhelming sense of dual achievement.

Sunrise atop Mount Agung

Climbing to the top of Mount Agung is not the usual honeymoon excursion but a once in a lifetime memory is what this one is all about. Mount Agung is a challenge so it’s definitely something that requires a good to high standard of fitness.. Don’t underestimate the climb as many have done before and it gets hardest just as you approach the top. It’s a good five hour climb to the rim, leaving at 1am for a five-thirty to six am arrival. The reward is astonishing – you can pull all the most remarkable descriptive adjectives out but none will suffice for the breath-taking sunrise that greets you. Save enough energy for the three to four hours going down and then treat yourselves royally – you deserve every bit of it!

Honeymooners Tips

Mount Agung Essentials:

  • A reliable guide; a good head-torch, footwear with good grip, gloves, lightweight clothes you can layer, water – lots of it, energy bars and small snacks.

Get Cool

Bali has a supercool beach-club for every day of the week playing the coolest music and making for the best chill-out vibes. They all offer a combination of stylish relaxation, super ambience and romantic sunsets across the Indian Ocean.

Potato Head

Potato Head Bar

PotatoHead has risen to the top of the must visit list – it’s a super-size chunk of chic self-indulgence that shouldn’t be missed. The collaged tower made from old weather worn window shutters is a distinct feature. A huge central lawn lies next to the dazzling infinity pool and leads you easily down to the beach. Stylish local and international cuisine is served up at three restaurants and the drinks flow constantly from the PotatoHead bars. Very popular amongst the pre 30’s crowd you can sit back and watch the beautiful people bask in this stylish setting. Access is either from the beach or from Jalan Petitenget.

Newlyweds and Honeymooners Tips:

  • Choose the calmer garden setting on the upper-deck for a more intimate signature sunset cocktail before dancing below to the latest grooves from the best international DJ’s.
  • Do make reservations in advance particularly for their beach front cabana’s and lounge chairs as they are in high demand.
  • Check out their website for more information.

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta’s longstanding success as an iconic Bali beach club is unwavering and it holds firm and fast to being the original beach club trendsetter. Impeccable design means everything is right where it needs to be, sun-loungers, daybeds, sumptuous couches and a great lawn area for dreamy views of sunsets. The compact size makes Kudeta a slightly more intimate location for those on their honeymoon and the classy style lends itself to a slightly older crowd. You’ll find great culinary delights in several themed areas. The staff at Ku De Ta are a great asset and have a warm familiarity which can sometimes be lacking at other large venues. Make a romantic candlelit dinner reservation at Ku De Ta’s restaurant in the inspiring pergola. See – for contact details.

Get Fed

The list of great restaurants in Bali is endless and you’ll be able to find a great culinary treat in all parts of the island. The number of top class restaurants has grown exponentially in recent years and fine dining is now pushing limits as competition in the kitchen heats up. Do keep an eye open for restaurants that are strong on location – it can make all the difference.

La View

A majestic restaurant with stunning views over the rain-forest canopy. The setting is just perfect for passionate newlyweds and with an eclectic choice of seating options La View is a top notch Ubud honeymoon experience. Prices and menus are online and do book in advance for the Eagle’s Nest, Bird’s Nest and Infinity Pool Dining choices. Phone +62 361 975 478

La Lucicola

A beautifully simple set up with limited fuss this stalwart of Seminyak dining keeps the faith of its long-time fans and it is always drawing in a new set of admirers. The open design gives lots of air and space for great views across the lawn to the sea for an ultimate tropical beach honeymoon meal at any time of the day.
Phone: +62 361 730838

Bali Asli

This huge traditional Indonesian house sits atop a hill and is an open air theatre of the gorgeous views with stunning vistas that overlook rice paddies and across to the behemoth Mount Agung. It is breathtakingly beautiful! The staff are wonderful and attentive and the food is pure magic on a plate – original local recipes at its very best. Phone: +62 822-3690-9215
Jalan Raya Gelumpang, Gelumpang Village, Amlapura, Bali 80811, Indonesia

Mozaic Ubud

Up in Ubud Mozaic has become legend and is often cited as Bali’s best restaurant. Expect a festival of art, colour and delectable taste to arrive on you plate. Not to be missed.– Phone: +62 361 975768
Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

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