Media Collaborations

As a villa rental service, Eats and Retreats aims to connect the owners of the villas and social media actors in order to launch mutually beneficial projects and partnerships. We are open to all kinds of media collaborations with blogs, online magazines and individual influencers related to the travelling industry.

We are highly experienced in digital and influencer marketing, and are eager to get involved in the following activities:

  • Online contests and giveaways
  • Hosted stays of influencers
  • Photo/Video content production (barter conditions are accepted)
  • Media collaborations with blogs and online magazines: sponsored articles and ads
  • Social Media advertising
  • Publishing of guests posts
  • Affiliate marketing

Download our Guide-to-media-collaborations  & affiliate marketing with Eats & Retreats

For any inquiries and proposals, please contact [email protected]

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