The Spirit Of Malta

The Maltese archipelago offers treasures by the sea.

The Maltese archipelago offers treasures by the sea.

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Boats are often overlooked today as a way to see the world. We invariably have limited time to get from A to Z so we fly, missing B to Y. In a lot of cases, though, boats are the best, and frequently the only way to properly see a destination.

In truth, what better way to spend your summer than on a sailing boat heading from one beautiful Mediterranean island to the next? With so many out there your options are limitless. It would take years to explore all the Greek and Croatian islands, and then you would have only covered the Eastern part of this incredible sea, with all the gems of the West still left to explore, what a dreamy voyage.

Archipelagic Escape

Holidaying on the beautiful island of Malta, steeped in history, with stunning architecture, so picturesque and romantic, surrounded by the azure Mediterranean sea, we decided to step aboard a boat and discover by sea some of the idyllic inlets, coves and bays with their beautifully rugged and natural surroundings.

In its history, the Maltese archipelago consisting of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, of which Malta is the largest island. The region was strategically important for the domination of the Mediterranean and history simply comes to life when cruising the resorts of St Julian’s, St Georges Bay, Bugibba and St Paul’s Island, where it is said that St Paul was shipwrecked in 60 AD and kick started what is now the predominant religion of the island, Roman Catholicism.

Picture Postcard Perfection

Our first Stop was the Comino, a tiny island half way between Malta and Gozo. In an area of just over a square mile, it packs a day’s pleasurable walk complete with a charming little chapel, picturesque castle and dramatic cliffs and the incredible Blue Lagoon.

When we arrived we were among the first on the island and had the pick of the best spots. Flip Flops or sandals are a must as the walk from the deckchair to the sea is a rather volcanic rocky one and can be very sharp on the feet, not to mention hot, but once in that water, you won’t want to get out. The snorkeling and scuba opportunities are out of this world, with the main part the lagoon floor no deeper than 2m on the edges slipping away to between 5m and 40m. The variations in depth and clarity of the water enabled us to discover the beauty of this underwater spectacular haven – no wonder it is rated as one of the most beautiful clear turquoise lagoons in the world.

Captivating Camino

After floating around in the crystal clear cerulean waters for most of the morning, we then climbed back aboard and stopped off at some of Comino’s caves, where apparently The Count of Monte Cristo was filmed. The water here is deep, but again so incredibly clear that it is also a favourite spot for diving with visibility at a maximum and the underwater cave system, exhilarating to explore. The kids were in their element, climbing through the caves and discovering cool covered deep-water pools that were begging for the children to jump from the rocks into the pools. The rock formations within the caves were almost like stalagmites’ and in the stunning pools we discovered a kaleidoscope of blue hues created by the shafts of light from the deep-water inlets.

The final stop for us was the Crystal Lagoon, a quieter less well-known spot with not much of a shore to sit back and relax on because the lagoon is almost entirely surrounded by cliffs, but the cliff jumping opportunities and floating in the tantalizing Mediterranean Sea, endless. When we arrived, we were the only ones there and instantly the children were in the sea swimming to scale the sides of the mini cliffs to the plateaus where they then jumped off with not even a hint of fear. Incredibly exciting times that even saw me, gripped with vertigo and praying to the gods, throwing myself off the lowest plateau in utter thrill seeking madness. Capping off what for us, was one of the best holiday days, of fun packed sun, surf and sea, utter paradise.

The Maltese Archipelago is a stunning area to visit by boat, with the Mediterranean Sea as beautiful and captivating as the stories tell, making it a ‘must-do,’ if you are visiting Malta.

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