Travel fashion: top 6 must-have trendy things to put in your suitcase this summer

If you are planning a legendary summer getaway, be it a beach holiday with family or city hopping with friends, it is time to think of your vacation suitcase checklist! There is a number of items that will make up the base of your looks this summer – the must-buy trendy things for the ultimate gorgeous look. To make this challenge easier, we have analyzed the upcoming trends and checked with Instagrams of our favourite travel and fashion influencers to come up with 6 top things to put in every girl’s luggage.

Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops

Summer 2018 is all about the off-the-shoulder apparel. It ranges from dresses and tops that can be combined with skirts and high-waist shorts to jumpsuits.

What is lovely about this type of clothes is that it is a good fit for almost every body type and can be easily combined with any accessories.

Jumpsuits and Rompers of all sizes and colours

Yes, the era of jumpsuits and rompers is in its heyday, and for a good reason: you can wear them to the party or dinner, or to the beach, or to a walking tour – does not matter which occasion, they suit it perfectly.

Today, you can find them of literally all shapes and colours and almost in any store, from the casual to the most upper-class brands.

Over the shoulder bag

Over the shoulder bag is an iconic must-have thing for the past year, and it retains its positions in our wardrobes. It goes perfectly with any looks and styles and has already become an indispensable part of our everyday life.

The size, colour and style may vary a lot – thus, everyone will find something for themselves.

Colourful and crazily designed swimsuits

This summer, the more colours and unusual & retro swimsuits showing up on the beach – the better!

Some swimsuits are even covered with flowers and look like a real piece of art.

Cropped tops and Culottes pants

The culottes pants have been in fashion for the last few seasons, and keep being one of the most important summer must-have trendy things in your vacation suitcase. In 2018, they are also combined with the crop tops of all styles and types.

From the beach options to elegant suites perfect for more formal occasions.

Trendiest clothes brands to look at this summer:

Mister Zimi


Vici Collection

La Reveche (swimsuits)



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