10 Best Beginner Surf Spots in Sri Lanka

Many of Sri Lanka’s surf sites are perfect for both budding surfers and experienced pros alike, and you will find some of the world’s best beginner surf spots in Sri Lanka. It’s just one of the many, many reasons to visit this beautiful island!

Stunning beaches, warm waters and (of course) crashing waves will ensure that your surf retreat is as exciting as it is memorable. Here are our top ten favourite locations to zoom along the ocean-front.

Weligama Beach

Weligama Beach is amazing for surfing beginners

Weligama beach is one of the most popular places for enthusiastic surfers to jump on a board and surf the waves. It’s one of the best beginner surf spots in Sri Lanka!

Manju and the guys from Surf’n Lanka are the ideal teachers to introduce you to this exhilarating sport. Not only are they a patient and knowledgeable Sri Lankan family business, but you’ll find cheaper prices than the surrounding surf schools as well!

Thanks to its location (hidden slightly from the wind) the smooth waves here are ideal for your first or hundred-and-first trip out with the board. The water is clean and conditions are perfect – a low, sandy floor makes jumping on the board for the first time easier than ever.

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Surf’n Lanka

Location: 600/7 Weligama By Pass RoadWeligama, Matara 81700, Sri Lanka

Website: http://www.surfnlanka.com/

Contact number: +94 77 605 6196

Hikkaduwa beach

You’ll pick it up in no time!

Originally a fishing village, Hikkaduwa has become a hustle-bustle of nightlife and scuba expeditions – as well as a surfing paradise. It’s one of the best Sri Lankan surf spots for beginners!

There are a number of local breaks here, with waves ranging between three and ten feet high when they get going. What’s more, you can enjoy the coral reefs, multitude of fishes and beautiful sunsets from here!

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Reef End Surf School

Location: Gale roadHikkaduwa 80240, Sri Lanka

Website: http://www.reefendsurfschool.com/

Contact number: +94 77 704 3559

Unawatuna Bay

Aereal view of the amazing Unawatuna Bay

Another unmissable beach for surfers, this is the ideal place to fall in love with the thrilling sport. Conveniently located just around the corner from Galle, you stand a good chance of having the place to yourself, or sharing with only a few of the local surfers.

Surf School Sri Lanka is the perfect place to start learning. It aims to help you develop your skills on beaches outside the beaten track (including Unawatuna, of course!). They even provide video analysis of your surfing techniques to ensure you will be riding waves in no time.

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Surf School Sri Lanka

Location: Amara Villa, KathaluwaAhangama, Sri Lanka

Website: http://www.surfschoolsrilanka.com/

Contact number: +94 754 726 844

Kabalana Break Beach

Kabalana has great spots for beginners and experts alike. Image Source: https://soulsurftravel.com/w-15/

Among the best beginner spots in Sri Lanka is Kabalana Break Beach. It’s a fab place for novices to hone their skills in the white waters before moving on to some of the more advanced sites such as Kabalana Rock Point.

Just down the road from Ahangama, the waves at Kabalana can handle a bit of swell. There are a few surf schools around who can look after you, but we’d recommend heading to Lapoint Surf Camp – they’ll find the perfect waves for you to learn on. You’ll be gliding before you know it!

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Lapoint Surf Camp, Sri Lanka

Location: 00200 Matara Road | Kabalana BeachAhangama 80650, Sri Lanka

Website: https://www.lapointcamps.com/surfcamp/sri-lanka/

Contact number: +47 46 63 97 42

Mirissa Beach

Conquer the waves in Mirissa Beach!

Mirissa Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beginner surf spots in Sri Lanka. It’s a beautiful, crescent-shaped beach with soft sand and pineapple trees all around. This cool and relaxed tropical surf-spot is the perfect place for newbies to improve their skills surfing on the reef.

For an authentic learning to surf experience, get in touch with Ruwan simply by dropping in at the address and arranging your lessons – ideal for first-timers who want to be standing up on the board as soon as possible!

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Surf School with Ruwan

Location: Sunandra Road | The PointMirissa 81740, Sri Lanka

Contact number: +94771514710

Arugam Bay

You will surely enjoy surfing there!

Known for long, lazy waves which peel along it’s southern coast for hundreds of meters, Arugam Bay is known worldwide and among the best beginner surf spots in Sri Lanka. Here you’ll find local and professional surfers alike, drawn in by the consistently strong waves and good conditions.

Dylan’s Surf Company come highly recommended for professionalism, good English and considering weather and crowds before choosing a spot. No matter what level you are, you’re sure to be taken care of!

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Dylan’s Surf Company

Location: Main streetArugam Bay 32500, Sri Lanka

Website: http://www.dylanssurfcompany.com/surflessons/

Contact number: +94 77 844 9070

Elephant Rock

The stunning Elephant Rock

About 3km to the south of Arugam Bay and less busy is Elephant rock – an ideal surf spot for beginners who are looking to get away from the crowds. The sandy ‘bar’ (rivermouth break) and shallow waters make this one of the less challenging spots on the list.

If you’re thinking about exploring a few more surf spots around Arugam bay, we’d still recommend you get in touch with Dylan’s surf company (see information above). They can advise you about Elephant Rock and Whiskey Point (to the north), both of which are accessible by tuk-tuk.

Madiha Surf Point

A well-kept secret. Image Source: https://madihasurf.com/

Madiha beach is one of Sri Lanka’s best kept surfing secrets. Nestled on the southernmost tip outside of Matara, it’s all-year swell and lack of crowds makes it a flawless spot for learning to jump on a board. Not only that but it boasts sun-kissed beaches and crystal clear waters! The nearby Turtle Point is also an excellent place to get started.

Furthermore, beneath the sparkling ocean lies an underwater paradise just waiting to be discovered – so be sure to bring a snorkel along if you have one. For more information, we recommend getting in touch with Madiha Surf Club – drop them a message with the online contact form.

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Madiha Surf Club

Location: Beach Road, Madiha, Matara, Sri Lanka., Matara 81000, Sri Lanka

Website: https://madihasurf.com/

Closenberg Surf Point

A flawless place to learn. Image Source: https://www.surfsouthsrilanka.com/galle-closenberg-surf-point/

Used by a few surf schools in Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa as a training ground for budding surfers, Deweta Beach is one of the best Sri Lanka surf spots for beginners. The wave quality and lack of rocks make it a foolproof place to learn to glide the waves.

Also sometimes referred to as Sahana Beach, Sunset Surf School is the place to be to learn at this stunning yet lesser-known location. The guys here are friendly and offer good boards at cheap prices. If you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter and less crowded than Unawatuna, this is the place for you!

Essential Information:

Surf school of choice: Sunset Surf School

Location: 456/A, Matara RoadGalle 80000, Sri Lanka

Website: https://www.facebook.com/sunsetsurfschool

Contact number: +94 77 762 9482

Whiskey Point

You’ll be doing this in no time! Image source: http://www.surfteamsrilanka.com/whiskey-point-surf-location/

Great for learners and one of the favoured spots for surfing lessons, Whiskey Point (to the north of Arugam Bay) is another good option for getting onboard without the crowds. It’s definitely among the best beginner surf spots in Sri Lanka for those looking to learn!

Waves are guaranteed all season long here and are less-than-technical which is great for up-and-coming surfers. It’s also an ideal spot for those who are a bit out of practice and need a quick refresher! As with before, Dylan’s Surf Company are the guys to get in touch with (see info at Arugam Bay) – they’re one of the best Sri Lanka surfing schools for beginners.

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