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Get an authentic holiday experience with Eats & Retreats in Asia

At Eats & Retreats we believe in true authentic holiday experiences. Our destinations feature the best selection of holiday villas and on top of that, we offer you also the best local activities and experiences to make your holiday with us even more memorable.

Thanks to our rewards program, every time you book a holiday villa you earn points with which you can book local activities and experiences. You can book these either for free with you rewards points, or against a preferred rate!

Nature and Animal Time for Kids in Bali

Have a day out with your family to get in touch with nature and animals.

thai food, hua hin

Be amazed by the Thai cuisine in Hua Hin

Enjoy the amazing Thai cuisine during your holiday in Hua Hin. Learn to cook it yourself of have a dinner at the villa.

Air Bali

Discover Bali from the air

Get a bird’s-eye-view from the beautiful island of Bali. Redeem an exiting helicopter tours for an unforgetable experience!

Meet elephants in Chiang Mai

Go and see the majestic elephants in Chiang Mai – visit a local elephant care centre and help preserving these beautiful animals.

Delve in Chiang Mai’s culture

Temple’s, nature and culture, Chiang Mai has it all, take a tour on the dry or on the water and see it all!

Rafting Chiang-Mai

Get active in Chiang Mai

Get active! – Whilst holiday is often to unwind, go out and  get some action like rafting or mountain biking.

Family fun on Koh Phangan

Go out and spend a fun day with the whole family! – There are so many things do, get the most out of every day together!

Spa, massage, chiang mai

Spa and relax in Chiang Mai

It is time to take care of yourself – enjoy one of the many treatments of the Spas of Chiang Mai. 

Indulge in the Cuisine of Koh Phangan

‘Eat Thai food like the Thai do’ – Enjoy all local delicacies or even learn how to make it yourself

Hole in One – Krabi

Enjoy a day of golfing at one of the country clubs of Krabi – we know, you are the champion!

You will love the Thai cuisine in Krabi

Indulge yourself with the local specialities – Have a lovely dinner or learn to cook Thai food yourself with a cooking course.

sustainable tourism krabi

Sustainable Tourism in Krabi

Visit an ethical elephant park and help these wonderful animals during your stay in Krabi – Combine holiday and being ethical

Pure relaxation – Krabi

It is time to take care of yourself – enjoy one of the many treatments of the Spas of Krabi.

Discover the Thai Cuisine in Pattaya

Indulge yourself with Thai cuisine – have a lovely dinner or learn to cook Thai food yourself by taking part in a cooking course.

Boost your adrenaline in Pattaya

Eager for an adrenaline-rush? Make a zipline tour or tackle great heights during a bungee jump!

Fun for the whole family – Pattaya

Holidays are all about family – Visit a theme park or museum and enjoy a day out with the whole bunch.

Explore Pattaya’s surroundings

Pattaya offers many opportunities to go out on the sea – Visit Koh Larn Island or take a fishing excursion.

Discover the Sri Lankan cuisine

When you say holiday, you say food! Relish the local cuisine or take a cooking class and learn how to create the Sri Lankan flavors.

Fun for the entire family – Sri Lanka

Being on holiday with the family is all about being and enjoying time together – Sri Lanka offers many family activities.

Active holidays & Sports in Sri Lanka

Take a break from sunbathing and get active – go surfing, mountain biking, play tennis or work out at a gym.

Admire Sri Lanka’s Nature & Views

The Sri Lankan landscape is wide and diverse – visit a tea plantation, see the local villages, or go whale watching.

Explore Culture & History of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich history – admire the beautiful temples or observe silhouettes of the Sri Lankan traditional fishermen.

Enjoy Koh Samui’s local cuisine

Enjoy the Thai cuisine and visit one of the many local restaurants, or learn how to make the local delicacies yourself.

Spa & Yoga – Koh Samui

Sit back….and relax. Have a massage, go to a Spa or let all the mind chatter disappear during a Thai yoga session.

Fun for the whole family on Koh Samui

Excitement for all ages, spend a fun day out with the whole family. Go jungle zip lining or take a walk on the bottom of the sea.

Explore Koh Samui’s underwater world

As beautiful as the surface may be, underneath awaits a world equally impressive. Take a diving tour and see it all.

Active holidays & sports on Koh Samui

Get an adrenaline rush by riding a Hoverboard, or other land activities such as mountain biking, Go Karting or Paintballing.

cruise, koh samui

Enjoy the waters around Koh Samui

Bright blue water, calm waves and the constant view of the beautiful isand of Koh Samui. Enjoy a cruise while you’re here

Indulge in Phuket’s local cuisine

Discover Phuket’s local delicacies by visiting a coffee roaster or enjoy a private dinner from a Thai chef at your villa.

Phuket’s Ultimate Beach Parties

Don’t miss the best beach parties of Phuket – better visit all of them! It will become a night you will never forget.

Be entertained in Phuket

Be enchanted by a world of theater, entertainment & nightlife and learn more about Thailand’s culture and traditions.

Active holidays & Sports in Phuket

Holidays can be active! Get energized by taking Muay Thai boxing classes, golfing, watersports or private tennis lessons.

Admire Phuket’s Nature & Views

Discover Phuket’s stunning scenery with a boat tour on an authentic junk boat, explore the jungle or an exciting helicopter tour.

Explore Culture & History of Phuket

Be amazed by Phuket’s rich history and culture by making a tour through the city, visiting a museum or local attraction.

Indulge in Balinese cuisine

Try Balinese culinary delights – experience different styles and tastes, right in your villa or learn how to cook them yourself!

Balinese Spa & Yoga

Choose your dream Spa and Yoga spot and plunge into the pure relaxation, reaching the internal balance and peace.

Fun for the entire family on Bali

Waterparks, safari, upside down houses and many other fun things for every member of the family!

Admire Balinese Nature & Views

Enjoy majestic waterfalls, endlessly green rice terraces and spectacular sunsets of Bali – dozens of pictures are guaranteed!

Explore Culture & History of Bali

Visit Balinese temples & historical sights to admire their spectacular architecture and spiritual atmosphere.

Family Fun in Chiang Mai

Holiday is all about being together! Enjoy quality time with the whole family during the many family activities in Chiang Mai.

Indulge in Chiang Mai’s local cuisine

Relish Chiang Mai’s cuisine or take a cooking class and learn how to create these flavors yourself – Points on Request

Explore Bali’s underwater world

Snorkeling, diving or even seawalking – there are so many ways to enjoy your vacation under the sea!

Active holidays & Sports on Bali

Get an adrenaline rush – try rafting, jet ski, flyboard and much more. Everyone will find something for themselves!

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Our points are flexible. You can use them during your newly booked holiday, or you can accumulate them and use them for future bookings with us.

When you do not have enough points for a particular experience, or you want to bring your family and friends, you can book the activities and experiences by paying the booking value difference at a discounted rate!

If you’re not already a member, you can also sign up for our rewards program here.