Real Instagram Tales of Love On The Road

Ever wondered how your favourite Instagram couples find love on the road?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have spent hours browsing longingly through Instagram, wondering how some of the site’s most popular travel couples got to be where they are! The real-life love stories about people who decided to travel full time is a great inspiration for anyone dreaming to take their first step towards adopting a similar lifestyle.

So, for Valentine’s Day 2019 we spoke to some of our favourite Instagram couples about life and love on the road. They shared with us some of their real-life travel love stories, from the honest to the pure sentimental – prepare to say “aww”!

Salt in Our Hair

Salt in Our Hair is Nick and Hannah, a couple from The Netherlands whose Instagram lives started in May 2016. The pair shared a passion for travel, photography and new experiences and set themselves the goal of capturing the world in a way that showed others that there is more to life than a nine to five job! The loved-up duo know all about the realness of life and love on the road, establishing their Instagram handle after driving back home from the North Sea, with salty hair!

The couple began their Instagram journey after their first backpacking adventure, posting daily snaps of their travels. When GoPro featured one of their photos on its page, the pair’s profile quickly grew to 7,800 followers. From there, they knew they could turn their love of travel into a inspirational brand. With Nick being a keen photographer and web developer and Hannah being a Graphic Designer, the couple went back to their corporate jobs but kept up their blog, travelling every 12 weeks.

After two years and lots of media attention, the couple left their jobs to work full-time on their blog. Along the way, they have experienced some truly memorable moments, including a trip to the Philippines, which reminded them of the highs and lows of love on the road: “Traveling together day and night means that you share every single moment. The good and the bad!” Nick explains.

“Recently, we arrived in the Philippines and soon both found ourselves with crippling food poisoning. After three days in bed feeling utterly terrible, our fevers finally stopped and we were able to get outside. We took a boat to the deserted island of El Nido, Palawan and relaxed there together for the whole day. We were able to totally forget about the horrible days we had experienced before.”

“We’re so lucky to be living this life together. These beautiful moments let us realize how lucky we are with our current lives. Don’t let sickness or challenges hold you back from traveling. Every travel moment has his own charm, although you might not see it straight away!” If you need Valentine’s Day 2019 inspiration, you’ve definitely found it!

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Life’s Lost Luggage

Amy and Ben of Life’s Lost Luggage travel the world together, exploring tropical islands and creating incredible video content to share and inspire others. The power couple’s journey began when they met in London, after Amy moved there from her small home village in the countryside of Northern Ireland. Their love story is one that makes us want to stretch Valentine’s Day 2019 out forever!

“We had a fantastically fun time together, exploring London while we got to know each other – with Ben doing his best tour guide impression!” Amy explains. The couple’s biggest move came after their two-year anniversary, when they both quit their jobs to travel the world together. “Little did we know that our short travelling journey would spiral into what is now our new careers, exploring the world and creating campaigns for some of the best known brands in luxury and tropical travel!” says Ben.

Before the duo embarked on their trip, Ben proposed to Amy on a cold, wet and windy cliff-top in Northern Ireland, with only the sound of waves crashing on the rocks to keep them company! Amy accepted and since then, they we have traveled to over 20 tropical islands together and have had some of the most amazing travel experiences.

“It’s such a privilege to be able to spend every day with the person you love, enjoying the good times and always being there for each other through the challenging times.” Ben explains. “For any couples who are thinking of working or travelling for an extended time together, we can’t recommend it enough. It’s a great test of your relationship and you will learn so much about yourselves and each other through it.”

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Twosome Travellers

Alex and James Lock are Twosome Travellers, a married couple exploring the world together and creating content and films along the way. The couple fell for one another in the UK, following a shared passion for travel and for inspiring others to chase their wanderlust dreams!

James is an avid editor and drone user while Alex is a foodie and fashion follower with a way with words. Together, the pair discovered they made the perfect match for an Instagram power couple, who could explore amazing locations and inspire others to do the same. “Our genuine love and passion for travel has seen us venture all over the world, creating infectious content. We’ve always loved to travel, but it wasn’t until a backpacking trip around South East Asia that we thought it could be more.” Alex explains.

After spending more than four years in Australia they both worked and saved, using Sydney as their base to travel as much as they could. They spent evenings editing and weekends exploring. They soon realized there could be a future when brands began to reach out to them.

“One of our most memorable moments was whilst on a trip in Hawaii, a place we had both wanted to visit for a while,” says James. “After a beautiful morning of snorkeling with turtles, we stopped to hike down to the bottom of a waterfall. With the incredible waters all to ourselves, I reached into my pocket and got down on one knee.”

The pair’s love on the road story was complete when they married in Boracay in the Philippines, in April 2018. Saying their “I Do’s” on the beach, they celebrated under the stars as the tide gently lapped to shore. After their blissful wedding, the couple honeymooned in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Maldives, and have no intention of slowing down their travel plans anytime soon! If that isn’t Valentine’s Day 2019 inspiration, we don’t know what is!

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