Hug Your Cat Day: Most Famous Instagram Cats From Asia

We don’t think we’re alone in our obsession with cats! Purrfectly cute, furry felines could chase away even the grumpiest of moods! In fact, cats have become so popular the world over that they even have their own hashtag: #catsofinstagram!

In celebration of the Hug Your Cat Day, which takes place on June 4, we’re showcasing some of Asia’s most famous Instagram cats! Whether you’re an animal admirer, a kitty stalker, or a full-blown crazy cat lady, you’ll adore these gorgeous felines!

Michelle the Russian Blue, Japan

Michelle is a Russian Blue and lives in Yokohama, Japan. With 34k followers, she is definitely one of the most popular of all the famous Instagram cats in Asia! And we know she’s one of the cutest! Follow her here:

Snoopy, China

With 307k followers, Snoopy is perhaps the most loved of all the famous Instagram cats in Asia. Snoopy’s owner dresses the fashionable feline up in amazing outfits in their home in China. Snoopy is an Exotic Shorthair and regularly participates in professional cat shows. You can follow Snoopy here:

Toco, Japan

Toco the cat has 21.5k followers and lives in Japan with her family! She is one of three Nyanko, or kittys, belonging to @Makicocomo! Follow her here:

Bone Bone, Thailand

Bone Bone of Thailand has 438k followers and is a big, fluffy ball of cuteness. The sweet little feline gets taken around the country on a leash and enjoys walking with his owner. Follow his adventures here:

Luhu, China

Luhu lives in Beijing with her mother, Maggie Liu. The cat found fame thanks to its adorable frowning face, which looks permanently sad due to a developmental defect that he was born with. Follow ultra-cute Luhu, who has 167k followers, here:

Wheat, Japan

Japan is full of incredibly fluffy Instagram stars, all vying for your attention. Wheat is no exception and this cute feline has an amazing 255k followers. She lives in Nagoya, Japan, and you can take a look at her photo reel here:

P-Chan, Japan

P-Chan is one of three cats owned by @ryotukoro of Japan. There’s also Nya-san, who’s brown, and Tina, who’s striped! P-Chan is much more camera ready than the others, though and has accumulated 193k followers. See all three of them here:

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