Unusual Asian-style Christmas Gift Ideas For 2018

Searching for that perfect Christmas gift can be difficult at the best of times, but what do you give the person who has everything? Look no further.  We have taken the stress out of the festive holiday by creating a list of the most unusual Christmas gift ideas for 2018 that have the trendy and unique Asian style.

Search our Asian inspired gift selection to find your loved ones the most memorable and unique Christmas gift this year.

Meditation Bowls

asian style christmas gifts
Meditation bowl can become a unique and cool Christmas Asia-inspired gift in 2018

Meditation or singing bowls are a common sight around Thai markets but offer a unique gift for those who seemingly have everything. Singing bowls are a type of inverted bell that vibrates when the struck is producing a rich deep tone. Buddhist monks have long used singing bowls in meditation practice and now these are regularly used by yoga instructors, massage therapists, and wellness practitioners.  

Singing or meditation bowls are believed to have many purposes including stress reduction, reduction in blood pressure, inducing correct breathing techniques and even pain relief. The belief is that the vibration of the singing bowl can reduce negative effects on the body by harmonizing cells and balancing the body’s energy system.

Overall, meditation bowls are used by firmly pressing the accompanied mallet in a circular motion against the bowls outer edge. It takes practice but when a bright clear tone is achieved, the player then slows the motion to create the opulent sound.

Whilst we cannot confirm or deny these claims, we can be sure they invoke a sense of calm, look beautiful and are a unique Christmas gift idea which could boost your overall wellbeing.

Type: Best Gift for Yogi’s
Price: $
Where to buy: Night Markets, Yoga Centres, Online/Amazon

Kopi Luwak – Balinese Coffee

Palm Civet -Photo by Heri Susilo on Unsplash

Coffee lover to buy for – we have the answer. Kopi Luwak is a coffee like no other. It is formed from coffee beans which have been predigested by a native Indonesian cat-like animal called The Asian Palm civet – hence its other name cat poop coffee. Sounds disgusting right? Kopi- Luwak is not only the most expensive coffee in the world with one pound selling for $100-600, but it is also regarded as one of the best-tasting.

The coffee plant is a staple of the Asian Palm civets diet, and although the civet can digest the fruit itself the bean remains whole. Even though the bean remains intact, the molecular formula changes. Enzymes in the stomach of the Civet break down the proteins in the coffee reducing its bitter taste. We aren’t sure if this is the gift for everyone but do believe its a strong contender for the most unusual Christmas gift for 2018.

Category: Best Gift for The Adventurous, Serious coffee connoisseurs, lovers of truly unusual things
Where to buy: Coffee plantations shops in Bali or online (for example – on kopiluwakdirect.com)

Thai Spices and herbs

Bowls of Thai Spices

Thai Spices Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash Herbs and Spices are an essential part of Thai cooking and a perfect gift for any adventurous cook or foodie. Traditional Thai food aims to achieve a balance of the four Thai tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet with paste being at the heart of nearly every dish.

Pastes are the basis of most Thai dishes and are available ready-made. The contents of spice sets bought in markets can vary. However, we recommend to look out for the ones which contain garlic, coriander, Thai chili powder, galangal, green peppercorns, lemongrass, and turmeric. In addition, kaffir lime leaves are also a common ingredient and lemongrass is sometimes included.  

Spice sets are available in many night markets as well as shops, some offering instructions on the pack. Alternatively, a Thai cookbook or a traditional Thai cooking lesson can really wrap up this gift.

Category: Best Gift for The Adventurous cook, cooking beginners, Foodies
Where to buy: Night Markets offer a great selection of spices on a budget, or online on Amazon.

Gamelan Ball

The Gamelan ball is also known as the harmony or dream ball and is specifically designed and handcrafted in  Bali. These decorative balls are made in a variety of metals with a chime inside, which makes an exquisite sound. What makes the Gamelan ball special is that since they are handmade they are all visibly unique with no two ever sounding the same way. Apart from being an individual piece of jewelry, a Harmony Ball is thought to bring a  sense of calm and harmony to the wearer as the pendant emits a soft but just audible chime sound with movement.

Gamelan balls have been used for centuries by Balinese and Mayan women during pregnancy.  It is believed that the calming effects of the chimes work just as effectively during pregnancy and nursing. Of course, nobody can be 100% sure on how effective the Harmony ball is, however, it is surely a magical gift for Christmas 2018.

Category: Best Gift for Pregnant Women, yogis, meditation
Where to buy: Traditional Boutiques & or online (for example – on eBay)

Ayurvedic beauty products

Ayurvedic beauty products

The natural medicine of Ayurveda is flourishing in countries like India and Sri Lanka. Before the invention of modern medicine, the sages of India developed Ayurveda. Ayurveda has two main principles believing that the mind and body are powerfully connected and that nothing has more power to transform the body than the mind. This is practiced in a variety of ways such as meditation, massage, exercising as well as using a variety of natural products to enhance the body and minds strength. As well as being able to sample luxurious  Ayurvedic treatments on the island, visitors can also shop for Ayurvedic beauty products.

The range is extensive from simple massage oils, body washes, shampoos, and hair scalp treatments. Boutiques offer products to suit every ailment and budget. So relax, and discover your Dosha and give the best Christmas gift for 2018.

Category: Best Gift for Beauty Conscious, Holistically minded
Where to buy: Traditional Boutiques, Spa ’s, Health Centres  or online (for example – https://www.nykaa.com/herbal/skin.html)


Traditional Kites Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

Kite flying is very popular in Bali, especially during the months of August and September. However, kites are available to purchase all year round and make a great gift for adults and kids alike. Balinese-Hindus believe that when the Indian god Indra enjoyed leisure time, he amused himself with kite-flying and taught young cattle herders how to fly them! Today, they are constructed as a village (Banjar) tradition and the designs are passed down from one generation to the next.

Kites in Bali come in two varieties: Tourist kites and Balinese kites. Whilst Balinese kites are spectacular and grandiose they are very hard to transport whereas the tourist kites are easily transportable as they can be taken apart . Give the gift of flight this Christmas.

Best Gift for Kids (Big and Small)
Where to buy: Street Stalls

Batik Paintings

unique christmas gift ideas
The batik painting can become a meaningful and memorable Christmas gift idea in 2018

Batik Paintings offer a true look into the culture and traditions of Indonesia and other Asian countries. There is a vast array of paintings on offer differing in sizes, colours, quality and designs. Whilst some of the paintings can be extremely expensive and difficult to transport smaller pieces serve as an unusual gift for Christmas.

The painting process is complex and time-consuming, as all the individual parts of the picture need to be waxed together and finished simultaneously. So if you have an art lover at home who will truly appreciate the time, effort, energy and dedication which go into these paintings we recommend this as an extraordinary present.

Category: Best Gift for Art Lovers
Where to buy: Art Shops & online

Traditional Wooden Masks

Rakshasa Mask

Walk onto any street in Sri Lanka and you will see shops lined with wooden carved figurines and masks. However, many believe these are not simply souvenirs and have a place within traditional Sri-lankan storytelling and mythology. The original tale tells that Sri-Lanka was once ruled by the Rakshasas, who could transform into cobras, they then captured their enemies and turned them into slaves. The wooden Raksha masks are used to relive fables of the Rakshasas in a comical Kolam Dance performance. The woodmasks are available as colourful souvenirs each having its own meaning the red offering protection, the blue aiding careers and the yellow bringing wealth – a very special Christmas gift with a story or dance to tell.

Best Gift for Art Lovers, quirky hard to buy for, storytelling
Where to buy: Marketplaces, Boutique shops

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