The Top 10 Historical Sights and Landmarks in Thailand That No One Knows About

There are some very unusual historical sights in Thailand to excite and interest visitors. To make your search easier, we have prepared a list of unknown historical spots in Thailand that will take intrepid adventurers into new areas of the country. So, once you are ready to leave the beach and head off to find a unique historical place in Thailand – this guide will help you on your way.

Khao Nam Khang Tunnels

This unique historical place in Thailand lies hidden from view, deep in the jungles of Khao Nam Khang National Park, close to the Malaysian border. Here there’s a network of secret tunnels which form one of the most unusual historical sites in Thailand.

The Khao Nam Khang Tunnels
Down in the tunnels

Jungle Fighters

Chinese Communist fighters dug out these unique historical places by hand from 1972 to 1978. They used them to successfully hide from their enemies. These jungle based, Chinese fighters fought the Japanese, the British and the Malaysians. Finally, in 1987, 400 fighters walked out of this unknown historical spot in Thailand and surrendered to the Thai army.

The jungle dug out tunnels
Entrance to tunnels

Border Troubles

Thailand and Malaysia have a long history of conflict over their common southern border. This unknown historical spot is a lasting memorial to the troubles. British colonial influence and then WW ll caused the border, in this unusual historical place, between Thailand and Malaysia to move several times.


  • Watch your step on steep sections of stairs.
  • Visit the Betong tunnels located along the Malaysian border.
  • Check out more information about the tunnels


The historical tunnel is situated 4 kms from Khao Nam Khang National Park

Pai Memorial Bridge

This example of the unusual historical sights in Thailand goes back to World War ll. The Japanese army knew the importance of the route between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. They began to develop links between Thailand and Burma at this unusual historical spot.

unusual historical sights in Thailand
Across the Memorial Bridge

Japanese influence

In 1942, the Japanese built a wooden bridge across the Pai River at this unique historical place in Thailand. They used forced labour and prisoners to build it. Elephants hauled the trees from the jungle.

War memorial

In 1944, the Japanese burnt the wooden structure at this unusual historical spot in Thailand. The bridge was rebuilt after WW ll, but heavy floods destroyed it in 1973. Authorities installed a steel bridge, that is now the unusual historical sight in Thailand, we see today.

The new steel Pai bridge
Tranquil at the Memorial Bridge


  • Be careful as there are a few gaps in the walk way
  • Say hi to the local character ‘Jack Sparrow,’ a ‘real’ Thai pirate
  • See Pai Memorial Bridge for more information


Pai Memorial Bridge is approximately 9 km south of Pai

Seven Kings Statue

A new unusual historical sight in Thailand is open to the public at Rajabhakti Park, just south of Hua Hin. The unique historical spot features statues of seven Thai kings. The seven stand, side by side, on a large podium at this unusual historical spot in Thailand. Made of bronze and standing 14 metres high, these statues are a unique historical sight in Thailand.

Statues of the kings of Thailand
Seven Thai Kings

Kings’ story

There is a nameplate on each statue, in Thai and English, to tell you their basic story. Rajabhakti Park will soon have its own museum so there will be more to learn about Thailand’s past at this unusual historical sight.

The king statues at Rajabhakti Park
Kings in the Park

Giant statues

You can visit this unique historical sight in Thailand every day. It’s an amazing feeling standing at the base of the statues. These monuments are a true tribute to the Thai Kings and an unusual historical spot in Thailand.


  • Cover your shoulders and knees – clothes are available to borrow
  • No entrance fee, but a donation is welcome
  • See the history of the kings


Ratchapakdi Park is 7 km south of Hua Hin

Fallen Soldiers

One of the most unknown and unusual historical sights in Thailand is in the busy capital city of Bangkok. The Kingdom of Thailand’s participation in World War 1 is not well known. Although the battles of World War l took place far from the Kingdom of Siam, this unusual historical spot records the contribution of Thailand’s brave soldiers.

Thai WW1 soldiers
The fallen soldiers

Military Force

This unique historical sight in Thailand is a monument to Thailand’s Expeditionary Force. The soldiers went to France to serve on the Western Front. Thailand successfully avoided colonisation by the European powers. The unusual Expeditionary Force was a major historical reason for securing Thailand’s international status.

Memorial to Thailand’s Expeditionary Force
Victory Parade 1918

Simple tribute

A simple monument, at this unusual historical spot, carries the names of the dead written on the sides; 9 on the western face and 10 on the eastern face. Although the military value may have been small, this unknown historical spot recognizes the Thai contribution to the events of World War l.


  • Visit the Grand Palace at the same time
  • The monument is located at the northern edge of Sanam Luang near the National Gallery
  • See here for more details about Thai Expeditionary Force


The monument is located at the northern edge of Sanam Luang near the National Gallery

Mo Hin Khao

Mo HIn Khao is called The Stonehenge of Thailand. With a little imagination, it’s possible to make a connection at this unusual historical sight in Thailand. There are several groups of impressive rock formations at this unique historical sight in Thailand. At “Sao Hin Ha Ton” (Five Rock Pillars) you will 12 meter tall rocks.

Mo Hin Khao
Thai Stonehenge

Good luck!

A popular myth at this unique historical spot says a white light appears during Buddhist Sabbath nights. So look out in case something magical happens! Plenty of signs urge you to lie down in front of the stones at this unknown historical sight, with the promise of good health and good luck if you do!

Imaginative shapes

The “Dong Hin” rocks, at this unique historical spot, inspired some very creative thinking! Some say the rock shapes, at this unusual historical spot in Thailand, resemble a mushroom, a boat, and even an elephant! Follow the path to other rock groups and the stunning viewpoint.

Dong Hin rock shapes
Mon Hin Khao at night


  • Stop and see the Tatton National Park/Waterfall during your day trip
  • The Pha Hua Nak Viewpoint is 2.5 km away and has an entry fee
  • Foreign tourists are charged more than locals
  • Checkout out Mo Hin Khao 

Useful numbers

For more information, call Phu Laenkha National Park: +66(0)44810902-3

Yai Ngao Khmer Ruins

The Khmer culture is evident throughout this region. Consequently, there are plenty of unusual historical sights in Thailand with outstanding Khmer influence. Located in Surin province, this unknown historical spot in Thailand, has two stupas facing east.

Khmer stupa
Khmer temples at Yai Ngao

Mythical animals

At this unknown historical spot, the two brick stupas are decorated with carved brick gable depicting ‘Makorn’. Makorn are fantasy animals, at this unknown historical place, such as lions, elephants and fish. Look out for the famous five-headed Naga at this unusual historical place in Thailand.


  • Yai Ngao is 4 km from Amphoe Sangkha, via highway 24. It is 800 metres off the main road

The Three Pagodas Pass

The Three Pagodas Pass was the main land route between India and South East Asia for many centuries. As a result, it is now a unique historical spot in Thailand. It has an old past, and this unknown historical spot in Thailand also has a place in modern history because of the Japanese occupation in World War ll.

Three pagoda pass
Stupas at Three Pagodas Pass

Three Pagodas

The Three Pagodas Pass operated as an important military route, and unique historical spot for both the ancient Thai and Burmese armies, and then the Japanese. This unknown historical sight in Thailand is named after three small, crumbling stupas or ‘chedis’. They were probably built as a symbol of peace between Thailand and Burma.

Thai and Burmese stupas

This unique historical spot in Thailand is marked by three replica miniature pagodas. The original Pagodas lie just across the border in Myanmar (Burma) but can’t be seen from the crossing point.

Three pagoda replica
Three Pagodas Pass

Natural beauty

The Three Pagodas Pass lies on a geological fault line. As a result, this unique historical spot suffered from huge earthquakes in the past. The drive, from the nearest town to this unknown historical place in Thailand, is about 20 km. The scenery is worth the visit alone.


  • Non-Thai nationals cannot cross into Burma here
  • See Three Pagodas Pass for more details


The Three Pagodas Pass is 240 from Kanchanaburi

The National Memorial

The National Memorial honours the citizens who defended their country. This unique historical place in Thailand recognizes their contribution. This unusual historical place in Thailand recognises the actions of Thailand’s fighting family tree who made sacrifices to protect their home country.

The national memorial
The National Monument Museum

Overseas missions

There are also tributes and information on international Thai army missions at this unusual historical spot in Thailand. The Thai army served on many overseas missions; including the Vietnam War and the Korean War. This unique historical sight presents the story clearly and sensitively.

Military museum

This unusual historical place in Thailand operates as a memorial and a museum about Thai history and major Thai battles. Interestingly, uniforms from all periods are represented at this unique historical spot and there are huge decommissioned military weapons outside the building.

military weapons
Military hardware at the National Monument


  • The center is open on weekdays from 9.00 am-12.00 pm, and 1.00 pm-3.00 pm
  • Admission is free. A guide can be requested in advance for group visits
  • More information is available at The National Memorial


The National Memorial is located close to Don Muang Airport

Lady Mo

In Nakhon Ratchasima, a unique historical spot in Thailand highlights the efforts of Thao Suranari (The Brave Lady) in Thai history. Affectionately known as Lady Mo, or even Grandma Mo, this unusual sight in Thailand is important to visitors who respect her actions.

Tributes to Lady Mo
Lady Mo Statue

Heroine of the people

In 1826, the King of Vientiane took the city of Nakhon Ratchasima and captured prisoners, intending to resettle them in Laos. This unusual historical place pays tribute to Lady Mo and her efforts to save her people by distracting and confusing the enemy.

Powerful revenge

Various tales of her actions make this unknown historical spot in Thailand special for lovers of Thai history. Lady Mo led a rebellion of the prisoners on the way back to Vientiane. This historical place in Thailand sets the scene of Thai King Rama III’s revenge on Vientiane. He consequently destroyed the city.

Lady Mo statue
Lady Mo looks out


  • A festival in Lady Mo’s honour is held each year in March/April
  • Learn  more about Lady Mo here


Nakhon Ratchasima is about 4 hours drive from Bangkok

Muang Tam

This unusual historical spot in Thailand is a thousand-year-old Khmer temple complex in the north-eastern Buriram province. Muang Tum is one of the most unknown historical places in Thailand and a delight to visit.


Muang Tum Khmer temple
Facade at Muang Tam

Look East

Like most Khmer temples, Muang Tam points towards the east. The ponds between the enclosures are an unusual historical feature of the temple. All the towers, except the central one, at this unusual historical spot have been restored.

Pond at Muang Tam

Peaceful quiet

It’s very easy to visit the site of the Khmer complex, Phanom Rung, built on top of the nearby mountain. When Muang Tam is less crowded with visitors, the peace of this unknown historical sight is a very pleasant experience.


  • Admission to Muang Tam is 100 baht or 150 baht for entry to Phanom Rung
  • Open 6 to 6pm daily
  • Learn more about the history of Muang Tam


Buriram is 5 hours from Bangkok

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